"STIG" is handmade leather products from Sweden. Every design is made in a limited edition of 10 unique copies. I make every product on order, so if you want to buy one, send me a message here!
You'll find all the current products down here.
Story of "STIG"
In the summer of 2017 I was in need of a new wallet. The problem was, I couldn't find a wallet I really liked.
Then I stumbled upon a book called "Heavy Duty Sewing" by Anton Sandqvist, the founder of the popular Swedish brand "Sandqvist". I looked through the book and found it very intresting, the idea to create my own wallet was borned.
Said and done, I ordered a leather working kit, bought some leather and made my first wallet (still using that same wallet). It was somewhere here that I realized that I really liked making stuff out of leather and I decided that I wanted to share my work with others.
I started selling products to friends and family, and then to my friends friends and so on.
And that's where I am at the moment, I don't know what the future will bring, but one thing is certain I will keep making leather product.
- Adrian Lindblom

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